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gaming ads

Growzee is the mobile in-game ads platform focused on gaming that enables advertisers to reach customers through innovative non-disruptive ads format enhancing their gaming experience.

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Promote your brand

Engage users across all game environements. Promote your brand being a part of the user experience.

Monetize your gaming traffic

Monetize your gaming app preserving retention rate of users. 
Try the immersive ads for your game.

Immersive Ads

Experience new immersive ads formats for your game. Get full cutomization and correspondence with grafic and brand advertising. Preserve retetion rate and trust of the players.

Excellent Adv Performances

Hit performance from your brand and from your game. Monetize with non-interruptive ads and enhance the game experience with sophisticated formats.

Selected demand Sources

Elevate profit margins with our selected direct campaigns, and get high fill rate through the power of the extensive network of Instal to amplify returns on your games.

Real Experienced Ads

They trust us