The new gaming ads experience

Growzee offers a gamer-centric ad solution to monetize your gaming apps, allowing an excellent performance in terms of user retention rate and level of monetization. It's aimed to be simple, fast and efficient.

easy integration growzee

Easy integration

Growzee utilizes a drag-n-drop Unity SDK, making the set up process code-free. It's designed for integration in just 15 minutes, and it provides online documentation and full live support. Moreover, Growzee's dashboard allows real-time campaign performance management and monitoring.

No gameplay interruption

Growzee serves non-intrusive ads, matching the in-game environment. This strategy ensures no gameplay interruption, which translates into higher user retention.

No user interruption Growzee

Play up your offer

Growzee is combining exclusive deals with Instal's RTB network, to offer widest demand network for gaming. Matching private deals with open RTB means boosting revenues and maintaining high fill rate.


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Non-intrusive ads format for boosting users' retention

Fast and customizable

Easy and no-code integration for customizable solution

Boosting revenues

Additional revenue stream from RTB network like xandr, PubMatic

Growzee VR

The only way to monetize your virtual world with ads that are fully integrated with your immersive game experience. Users are engaged by the game and not annoyed by the ads you see going to work

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